Our Director

Julie Greaves

Julie Greaves has been the director of Coppell Child Development Center since 2000. Before her time at CCDC, Julie worked in the Coppell Public School System and taught Kindergarten through 4th Grade for 16 years. In addition to her Kindergarten through 8th Grade classroom certification, Julie also holds special certifications in both reading specialization and physical education. As the director at CCDC, Julie has gotten to grow her passions as a teacher from educating children to educating teachers. As a director, she has received several certifications including the TAC 746.1015 director qualifications for licensed child-care centers as well as the Child Care Administrator’s Credential. Julie continues to stay up to date on the most innovative teaching methods and tools for early childhood education and attends annual training events that will most benefit the teachers and children under her charge.

Julie loves the flexibility that CCDC offers as it allows her to spend more time with her husband of 28 years, Ken and their son, Kenny (31). Kenny is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. During his college career, he studied Architectural Engineering and also competed as a decathlete. He is now serving in the US Navy. 

Julie’s passion continues to be every child that walks through the doors of CCDC. Her goal is to provide a safe and happy environment for each child that will stimulate physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth at each child’s individual pace. This is Julie’s goal and the work she sets out to do each day. If you ask the parents, teachers and even the kids at CCDC, I think they would all assure you that she is doing an incredible job.