CCDC believes that we can best meet the needs of children by fostering a warm, nurturing environment. We recognize each child as a unique individual with tremendous potential, and our goal is to take every opportunity to enhance their development.


Between birth and five years, children exhibit their greatest learning power, and our philosophy is to take advantage of this dynamic stage in their life. Our thematic approach provides an opportunity for the whole child to grow intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The curriculum activities are planned to encourage and challenge individual growth, cooperative learning practices and creativity. These developmentally appropriate activities combined with our loving, Christian environment provide children the opportunity to develop independence, responsibility, important attitudes, appreciations, skills and habits that are essential for developing a positive self image and confidence. The spiraling process of revisiting the curriculum that we utilize throughout CCDC allows all students to gain the optimum learning experience. Our school-wide themes bring continuity to our program and enable parents to further develop each theme with the entire family. We provide each child a stimulating, balanced program, which allows for special needs and varied capabilities, while offering encouragement and many opportunities for success.


CCDC recognizes and appreciates the importance of play. Children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Play provides opportunities for investigating, socializing and synthesizing ideas. Our safe and secure environment gives children a chance to explore and discover in many ways, allowing time to think, communicate and reflect.


We strive to be a bridge between home and school, providing a warm and friendly atmosphere of acceptance, while nurturing the skills that are conducive to a young child's ability to learn. CCDC aims to instill in each child a life long love of learning with every child's best interest considered first and foremost.